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Saturday, June 10, 2017

Painting in the land of thunder

Another paint session, another thunder and hail storm here in the Great Northwest. I swear that we have had more thunder this winter than we typically do in the summertime.

But hey, at least I was ambulatory enough to get down to the garage to paint! Most of the drudge work this time was shooting a matte coat onto the Barracuda drone, two P-47s, and an ammo trailer. They will be debuting over the next few days as completed models.

I shot a coat of Dark Olive Green on the Soviet Tsar Bomba trailer. This trailer had a lot of parts; more than are probably in most 1:72 fighters. Every crossbeam, every hinge, every handle is its own little bit. Unfortunately, this doesn’t play well to Amodel’s strength, being a short run model company with somewhat less than perfect small detail and large sprue gates. It was similar to the Tsar Bomba itself, in fact, which also had dozens of tiny bits. Still, I powered my way through it. The green was mixed pretty thin, and I suspect a surface coat will be required.

The final round of spraying for today was the cockpit and wheel wells of the next Hurricane in my long series; this time, an Egyptian AF example. Next will come the addition of some seat belts and then completion of major assembly.

I was going to shoot the first coat of Red Arrows Red onto the whif Eurofighter, but realized I had not completed the masking for the landing gear doors. So that will go onto the agenda for the next paint session. I might have to check the weather forecast to see when the next thunderstorm is due in the area.

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