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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

More paint prep

Much of the workbench time this weekend was spent in prepping for the next paint session. I was also able to complete the decaling process on two models, so they will be getting their photos taken and will premiere on the blog shortly.

I seem to have had an unusual amount of overspray on a couple of recent models. There’s only so much you can do with masking, I guess. Strangely, most require White in order to cure the overspray. These would be the DC-3 and the Norseman. A basic White paintjob is also required on the British Airways Club DHC-1 and prop tips for the Beech Starship.

I masked off the lower surfaces of the Egyptian Hawker Hurricane along with the Sky fuselage band. It is now ready for Dark Earth uppers.

I will probably also take advantage of the paint session to get the Eurofighter canards painted Black. I forgot them during the last session, when I painted the spine.

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