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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Painting prep (DHC-1, DC-3, Norseman, Eurofighter)

In preparation for the next paint session, I wanted to get some more masking done, especially for models I knew were needing the same paint color as one I already knew was on the schedule. This meant that I masked for the antiglare strip on the DHC-1, another such strip on the DC-3 (along with the leading edge de-icer boots), and a portion of the underside on the Norseman airliner. I also masked the Sky fuselage stripe on the Egyptian AF Hurricane.

Other things that occupied my bench time was decaling the F-101 cockpit, and adding some BB weight to the nosecone of the next Eurofighter. Since the Eurofighter requires a Black tail and spine, it can be added to the next paint session as well.

So now the paint queue is getting crowded again, just as the weather takes the opportunity to turn rather warm once more. I really can’t grouse too much – it is July after all – but I’m just not made for warm weather operations. 

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