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Friday, July 7, 2017

Blackest night (DC-3, Eurofighter, DHC-1, Norseman)

As I’ve mentioned, it is always best to group your paint requirements so that you’re painting multiple models with the same paint. It might be more prep, but it certainly saves on cleaning time, wasted paint, and just sheer modelling efficiency. I’m not sure how I ended up with no less than five models that required Black paint, but I worked my through all of them tonight. There was even one model in progress, a Tiger Force Lanc, that needed Black but didn’t make the session since I did not get it properly masked in time.

First up is the Arctic Rose DC-3, which needed de-icer boots on wings and tail surfaces, as well as the antiglare panel on the nose. There is some White touch-up needed before I mask for the NMF part of the wings and fuselage. 

Both the Ear Falls Norseman and the DHC-1 Chipmunk needed an antiglare panel also. The Beech Starship just needed the prop spinners taken care of.

Finally, the Eurofighter required a Black tail and spine for the anniversary scheme of 11 Squadron RAF. I just realized that I forgot to paint the canards too. (sigh)…

There was one other color put through the brush this night, though, for the Egyptian Hurricane. This was for a Sky fuselage stripe and prop spinner.

Hopefully this will clear out the paint queue for a few days at least. But the fiery forges of the 72 Land production facility are rarely quiet, so it won’t be long until the backup begins anew. 

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