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Friday, July 14, 2017

Paint session (DHC-1, DC-3, Eurofighter, Hurricane)

When you spend the majority of your time masking items up for the next paint session, your next step is generally – another paint session.

So I and my box lid of prepped models went down into the garage and fired up the mini compressor. Which, it appears, is about ready to give up the ghost. I’ve had this thing since probably the mid-90s, and it is well overdue for replacement. It is a good tool to upgrade, but there have been many competitors for the capital dollars needed to replace it: med bills, upgrading model storage/display, some fencing that needs to be rebuilt, and the looming heat death of our aged refrigerator.

The main color of this session was Gloss White. I had to patch up some overspray on both the DC-3 and the airliner Norseman. Plus there were prop tips to be done for the Beech Starship. The DHC-1 also needed an overall coat of White after I masked off the antiglare strip.

Two other models were on the paint bench as well. First was a Eurofighter (this is the one that I forgot to paint the canards Black when I did the spine). Second was the Egyptian Hurricane, which needed a top coat of Dark Earth. Looks like the coverage was smooth enough to  bypass a buffing and surface coat, so the next step on this one will be to add the camo masking.

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