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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Construction (D-520, X-3, F-15)

Other items have also entered the construction queue in the waning days of 2018. I decided that I should make more of an effort to widen the types of aircraft I was finishing. This doesn’t mean I can’t do multiple Hurricanes or Eurofighters, but more unusual types needed to be added to the mix. This is the origin of the series of Italian fighters I’ve been doing (Mc-202 and CR-25). And I decided to add a couple of French aircraft – a byway of aviation that I haven’t spent very much time or interest in – to the construction effort as well. First up is the Hasegawa Dewoitine D-520, followed in the fullness of time by that company’s MS-406. The D-520 has had its major assembly completed and is now awaiting paint.

I recently received the AZ Douglas X-3 from Hannants. AZ can be a bit hit or miss in terms of kit quality, and this one definitely ranks in the short-run range. But (while the real aircraft was something of a performance dud) it surely ranks as one of the coolest looking prototypes in aviation history. I have built a vacform of the type way back in the early days of 72 Land (Maintrack, maybe?) so I was committed to having an X-3 on the shelf. I imagine this one will turn out better than that. The cockpit is together and is awaiting paint as well.

An F-15, destined for those glorious ANG Oregon markings, has been languishing around the workbench for a few months. The holdup was masking for the darker mottling on the upper surfaces. I finally decided that, with the new compressor giving me additional options for managing the air pressure, I would freehand paint those splotches. Wish me luck on that one.

Finally, I pieced together an old Hasegawa F11F, to be shown in Blue Angels markings. A lineup of Blue Angels aircraft was one of the first sub-projects I ever started on, back in the early 90s. I still have to do the A-4 and F-18, along with the various support aircraft (DC-4 and C-130). But the wheel wells have been painted and masked, so I’m waiting on some detail Blue Angels Yellow painting on wing and tail tips.

And there is also a box of miscellaneous items awaiting paint: props, engine exhausts, landing gear, even a wheel or two. I just put in an order for a selection of resin wheels for some current projects, so I might now even be using them at this time. 

Waiting for some workbench space is the Sword Sikorsky S-43 (Catalina Air markings), various wheeled vehicles, and the AZ SR-53.

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