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Saturday, January 19, 2019

Paint prep (Hurricanes, D-520, F11F, CR-25)

Lots of work going on to prepare for the next round of painting. I’ve masked the lower surfaces of the Fly/Hasegawa Hurricane 2b, to ready it for an upper coat of RAF Dark Green.

The other Hurricane in process at present, the Airfix (with the broken canopy) has had the lower surfaces masked off as well. In addition, I’ve masked for the White fuselage stripe and the Yellow nose.

The D-520 has also had the lower surfaces masked. It will get a coat of Xtracolour X219 Dunkelbraun to get the camo started.

In addition, six different kits had props that need to be painted Yellow. The Macchi Mc-202 has a two-colored spinner which is already painted and just waiting for the prop. Once all these prop tips are painted Yellow, I’ll mask off the tips for everything and paint them Black. 

Still leftover from the last session is getting a second upper surface coat of MRP325 on the Fiat CR-25 and the Blue Angels Yellow wing and tail tips on the F11F.

During a calm evening last week, I masked off the revised engine nacelles on the Trent Meteor, which will need some ZC Yellow primer applied. 

I just finished the decaling for the Lufthansa Fw-200, so a Matte coat will need to be applied. Then it will officially cross the finish line as the first completion of 2019.

In terms of construction, I've just about finished up the buffing and PSR for the Valom Albatross. Next comes primer. I've also reactivated a Shelf of Doom queen and put landing gear onto the Hasegawa Lancaster. That was quite a chore; the instructions are pretty useless on telling you where and how to apply all those stalky gear parts. Plus I've misplaced the Lanc wheels! An Aires aftermarket set may have to come to the rescue here. 

Again I must apologize for the lack of photos. In my enthusiasm to get out there and get a few things painted, I neglected to photograph all of the many items slated to go into the next slot in the paint queue. Next time for sure...

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