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Sunday, January 6, 2019

AModel Raduga AS-3 Kangaroo

I originally opened the category of ordnance as one of my 1:72 model options due to my intent of building a large display of bombs, missiles and drones (though I have since re-categorized the drones as regular aircraft). Most of the bombs and missiles are relatively small items that will look much better in a group setting. There are, however, some devices that are pretty large.

This includes the Raduga AS-3 Kangaroo. It is a Soviet air to surface nuclear missile that was designed to be slung under a Tu-95. It is actually larger in fuselage length than most single engine fighters. They were also difficult to transport and arm, taking as long as a full day to get them mounted to their bomber. Not so good for a quick-response weapon (though apparently this was eventually worked down to 4 hours).

Developed in 1954, it was replaced by the AS-4 Kitchen in the 1980s. AModel also makes one of these, which I have on order from Hannants, and it will be the next ordnance model to receive my tender mercies.

If you have experience with AModel products, nothing will come as a surprise during this build. Uncertain fit, seams that need work, and a rather complex transport cart are all part and parcel of this line of kits. Still, take em where you can get em; Soviet nuclear air to surface missiles aren’t exactly the most common type of model on the planet.

I had some issues with the painting process on this, but eventually was successful with Alclad White Aluminum. The kit provides a wide variety of stencils, but they are barely visible on the final model, so I only used the ones I could see easily.

This is completed ordnance #12 (19 aircraft, 2 ordnance, 8 vehicles for the year 2018), finished in December of 2018.

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