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Thursday, January 24, 2019

Construction and paint prep (Hurricanes, F11F, F-15 exhaust cans)

I’ve started gearing up toward the next paint session. This will be a smaller effort. Mainly it is to progress the Hurricanes, the Blue Angels Tiger, and the F-15.

From the photos below, you can see the masking that has been done for the Trainer Yellow patches on the SAAF Hurricane. Also, the White and Yellow portions have been masked off on the Italian Hurricane for a first coat of X110 Forest Green.

The Blue Angels F11F has had all of its Yellow sections masked and is now waiting for an overall coat of Blue Angels Blue.

Finally, I have cobbled together the rather complicated exhaust cans for the Academy F-15 and will put putting some Alclad Steel on them. Then I’ll probably hit them with a black acrylic wash to bring out the details.

I’m still waiting for the Hannants order with all the resin wheel replacements to appear so I can spray the hubs with Aluminum. In the fullness of time, as they say.

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