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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Paint session (Hurricanes, D-520, X-3, F-15)

The main point of this particular painting session was getting an undersurface coat on three fighters: two Hurricanes and a D-520. This required 3 different Xtracolor paints: Azure Blue for the Fly/Hasegawa Hurricane 2b, Neutral Grey for the Airfix Hurricane ragwing, and Lt Compass Grey for the D-520.

I decided I could also use the Neutral Grey for the F-15 upper fuselage mottles and the cockpit for the X-3. Xtracolour does not produce a Dark Ghost Grey, and I needed a dark grey that would provide a decent contrast. The Neutral Grey worked out well enough. And I would have to say that the idea of turning down the pressure and free-handing the mottling worked out just fine. Not sure I have found the secret of producing a pencil-thin mottle – which I will need on some of the Italian aircraft that are working their way down the queue – but experimentation will go on.

I didn’t get a chance to paint some miscellaneous parts such as props and wheels, so that will have to wait for the next paint session. Though, in fact, I’ve just ordered replacement resin wheels from Hannants for some of these projects (Mc-202, Hurricane 5 spoke, D-520), so I will have to delay that in any case.

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