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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Construction and some painting

Progress continues in the modelling bunker.

The Trumpeter J-20 is now getting ready for overall Black paint, having survived a brief panic. I couldn’t find the small separate door over a rear dorsal hatch, and had to practically disassemble the modelling room to find it. It had gotten tangled up in some masking tape and found its way to the trash can. Thankfully a bit of trash can diving located it again.

A Monogram B-1, having finished its major construction, has been in the paint shop to receive White paint for the gear and missile bays. It has now been masked and is getting the Black nose painted. Since the biggest pain in airbrushing is generally prep and cleanup, I do try to group models that require the same color, in this case the Black of the overall J-20 and the B-1 nose.

And, as a teaser for future construction, here is a shot of three related models that have just entered the building cycle. The one in the middle should be easy to recognize, and the ones on either side are at least tangentially related to it. The far right has not yet had its engine nacelles added to the wing.

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