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Sunday, February 21, 2016

More construction (Blenheim, XP-56)

Just a quick update tonight on some construction progress. I didn't feel quite up to an airbrush session this evening, although that is holding up a lot of work. But I did get some bits glued together and some edges sanded down.

The items in the following photo - lots of grey plastic there - are the opening stages of the relatively new Airfix Blenheim, the Airfix ragwing Hurricane (now with canopy masks in place) and a partially constructed MPM XP-56 Black Bullet. The XP-56 has its wing leading edge intakes in resin, which did mean I had to wait for some additional superglue to come in the recent Sprue Bros box before I could finish the wings. But they fit quite well, and the wings are now ready to get stuck to the fuselage.

Both the Blenheim and Hurricane are prime examples of new Airfix. Excellent fit, lots of detail, but a bit fiddly in some of the smaller bits. I have their Do-17 waiting in queue for some workbench space. It's pretty crowded at the moment, so I will wait for some of the items that are far along to move out before bringing more in.

That's why I end up with things on the Shelf of Shame sometimes - overambitious project beginnings which lead to frustration and despair. But they usually find their way back into the work stream eventually.

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