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Friday, February 5, 2016

Trumpeter CHETA C-601 missile

This completion is another part of the ongoing ordnance project. It is the CHETA C-601 missile, as used by the Chinese Air Force with their Tupolev Tu-16 bombers. My example came from the Trumpeter kit of the type. Keeping track of missile derivatives of the Chinese seems to be a rather confusing task, if the entries I was able to find in an online search are any indication. It appears to be an air-launched version of a Seersucker missile and mostly connected to Tu-16s and Il-28s. But I could be corrected on that.

The missile itself was easy to assemble and painting was simple as well. I used Xtradecal red stripes, which did not adhere particularly well and needed some work with diluted white glue and gloss clear coat to make sure everything stayed where it was supposed to be. I just used some Luftwaffe red lettering to duplicate the C-601 on the side of the body.

As with the AS-6, I built a little support stand to hold the missile up in the display case. All in all, a fairly quick and easy job.

This is completed ordnance #2 (#4 of the year), completed in January of 2016.

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