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Monday, February 22, 2016

Painted prop day (Spitfire, Hurricane, XP-56, Blenheim, B-36)

Here is the promised view of the recent airbrushing session. You can see that prop tips dominate the proceedings. There are something like 8 aircraft types that were given the treatment. Unfortunately, I'm not yet sure how many will need repair and thickening of the color coat. In order to go through the airbrush, the paint had to be thinned, and although coverage wasn't awful, it is always challenging with gloss versions of light colors like Yellow and White. I'll wait until the tips are fully cured before deciding whether they need a surface coat.

I also got matte top coats on two items that are cruising into the completed column: Lockheed D-21 and Messerschmitt P-1106. Greater details as those get their day in the spotlight shortly.

Finally, I had to do a repair job on the underside of one of the Hurricanes. A bit of overspray found its way on to the lower surfaces, so I had to give it a light coat of Azure Blue to even out the colors. Some of this found its way into a wheel well, so some touchup will be required there as well. But that is the majority of painting on this model, excepting the red prop spinner, which I will likely do by this weekend.

My neck was complaining by the time I finished this work (insufficient napping, I say!) so I decided to conclude this airbrushing session at a later time. It was generally a successful bit of paint work, and you have to celebrate those when you get them. 


  1. Quite a good amount of work accomplished.
    I too have found this hobby can be a pain in the neck ;-))

  2. Yes, I've been quite the machine since I became a bionic human. I'll keep hacking away as long as the enthusiasm holds out!