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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Super Bowl Day progress

One of the things I like to do is organize paint sessions around colors that are needed for multiple projects. A good example is the matte White gear wells, doors, and main landing gear on most modern jet fighters. I do a lot of British types, so I can usually arrange to have multiple models needing RAF Dark Green, for instance. That probably sounds a little anal, but remember you're dealing with a long-term IT Project Manager here.

The one under discussion at present is Black, always good for nightfighters, WW2 bomber undersides, and modern RAF trainers. I had been working on a Tucano in special markings (on the same sheet as some of the Eurofighters I have targeted), the D-21 drone from the SR-71 programme, and the underside of my world's largest whif project. Plus the spinners from the two early Tamiya Spitfires needed a coat as well.

Given that I am almost out of my supply of Xtracolour black, I've been working with Testors Gloss Black in the glass bottle. It shoots fairly well and dries quickly, always a good thing. Even the airbrush behaved itself, and sprayed enough color to get the job done. Things were going well enough that I got a surface coat of Middle Stone on the Eurofighter and desert Hurricane, a surface coat on the Huma P-1106, and finally, the top coat on a Fieseler F-103X (an unintentional whif, the whole sordid story of which will be coming shortly). Overall, an enjoyable daytime airbrushing session. It was even sunny outside the garage!

Today is the unofficial US holiday known as Super Bowl Day, but I have to admit I've lost interest in this contest. I seriously dislike Denver, have for years, and probably would have rooted for Carolina if Newton hadn't been such a total dick when they beat Seattle in the divisional round. At least it wasn't New England again. But chances are I'll be watching the Puppy Bowl for most of the time...

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