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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Prop Day

It is prop day here at the 72Land modelling dungeon. As usual, I have a number of prop projects on the go, and it struck me that it would be wise to get some props painted so that I wouldn't have to hold up the process at the end (which is when props typically get added).

So, out came the Insignia Yellow, and props for 2 Spitfires, 3 Hurricanes, a Blenheim, an XP-56, an A-129 helicopter (just the tail rotor and not the top one, apparently), and a B-36. I also figured I might as well paint the yellow chevrons on the upper flying surfaces of the Tucano that I have pretty much completed except for decalling.

A rare box arrived here from Sprue Bros, after being sat on by the USPS for a couple of extra days. I decided to use the Surepost method of shipping in order to save a few bucks. The tracking was available on the UPS site, but it showed a target delivery date of 2-16, which turned out to be when they delivered it to USPS. USPS then sat on it for two days and finally delivered it earlier today. Now, were there life-supporting items in this shipment? No. Is two extra days a hardship in terms of receiving modelling supplies? Again, no. But I suspect I will spend the extra couple of  bucks to stay with only one shipper next time. Sprue Bros was very on the ball and gave me an additional link to the USPS tracking (I originally only had the UPS tracking number), so kudos to them for good customer service response. They are my go-to supplier for US based orders.

On a tangent to that last thought, I have been considering trying Hobby Terra for a load of A Model kits. Anyone have experience with them?

I should be able to move a few items into the completed column in the next few days, once I spray on some matte sealer coats.

Also, thanks to Ray Seppala, an Australian modeller who took pity on my lack of a nuclear option when I went begging for it on the 72nd Scale Aircraft boards. I have had a number of Academy B-29s (including one that I will probably build as an RAF Boeing Washington) but none of the Enola Gay boxing that contains mini-kits of Fat Man and Little Boy bombs. Man, be careful when you do a Google search on those two phrases; you never know what might come up in the search. I told Ray that the world would shun him for giving 72 Land a WMD. Tomorrow the world...

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