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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Platz Raytheon GBU-27 Paveway 3

Just a quick addition to the completed column today. This is the Raytheon GBU-27 Paveway 3 missile, a part of my ongoing ordnance project.

The GBU-27 is probably most noted for being dropped repeatedly from F-117s in the first Gulf War. It is laser-guided and known for packing a pretty serious punch. If you want to mount one under your Cessna 172, they run approximately $55k apiece.

The plastic came from the Platz kit of the X-47B that I recently completed. It was painted an Olive Green, and the decals came from the kit. The yellow stripes absolutely did not want to curve around the small circumference of the missile throat, and lots of setting solution only led to the decal tearing. That's why you're only seeing one view of the completed model. That and, y'know, it's a missile.

This is completed ordnance  #3 (#7 of the year), completed in February of 2016.

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