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Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Paint session (Ki-98, Trent Meteor)

Another short paint session in order to move some of the projects along. The AG-4 got a sealer coat, so it is ready for its completion writeup once the window masks are removed.

The Ki-98 has been through more masking tape than any recent model I can recall. But this session consisted of the final color to be put on the main airframe: Alclad Aluminum on the lower surfaces. I have been having some more problems with bad Alclad batches lately. Mostly it is my own fault. Once I can tell the bottle is from one of the bad batches, I should just throw it away. But I always think I can find a solution to the problem down the line and just move the bad bottle out of the way. Then, of course, I forget it ever was a bad bottle, and the cycle starts again. This time I just chucked it once it didn’t work. There are other bottles like this lurking in my paint stash. I finally found one that covered properly and finished the painting. Next comes landing gear, doors, prop, and decals.

The Trent Meteor was masked up for its camo and a coat of Ocean Grey applied. Things were a bit rough all round, but I decided to just buff it up with a paper towel and call it good. The fuselage painting is now complete, so next comes addition of landing gear and assembling the props. As longtime readers now, I sooooo love superglue, and the prop hubs for this kit have been produced in resin, though the blades themselves are in plastic. Stand by for large doses of obscene language. The Ocean Grey and Dark Green don't provide much of a color contrast.  

I also gave the Blue Angels F11F a coat of gray for its cockpit.

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