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Friday, November 9, 2018

Paint session (tires, Otter, Mc-202, Fiat CR-25)

Another small and quick paint session. Only 3 paint colors this time.

First was the interior of the Otter from IBG, painted Middle Bronze Green. I’ve already added a couple more parts to the model as construction continues.

Two sets of tires were sprayed after masking the center hub. These were for the T-45 and the Ki-98. I have also painted the Dark Grey of the Trent Meteor wheels and will see if I can find an appropriately-sized mask to paint the wheel hubs.

Cockpits were sprayed for the Fiat CR-25 and the Macchi C-202. I used RAF Grey-green, which to my eye is a pretty close match to the light grey-green that the Italians used. Good enough for a closed cockpit, certainly.

To my horror, I found that I had forgotten to paint the outer wing panels Insignia Red on the T-45, despite the fact that I’ve already placed some of the decals on the fuselage. Luckily I was able to mask it off without having to get tape anywhere near the decals; it’s instant death for tape to interact with decals in place. The photo below shows it all masked up and ready for the next paint day, which is the only photo I have from the session because the other models have already moved on to further construction work.

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