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Monday, March 4, 2019

Camionetta AS-42 Sahariana

This is another in a series of light recon wheeled vehicles of WW2 and postwar. I just recently completed the Autoblinda AB-43, and the AS-42 is a basically an open-topped variation of that vehicle mounted with a couple of defensive guns. Both were kitted by Italeri.

Italeri small armor is a much more straightforward build than, say, IBG, though I have managed to cause myself problems even with this kitmaker. Parts tend to shift a bit while curing, putting them slightly (though visibly) off when completed. There is only so much time I am willing to devote to correcting a part that has already dried in place, so I usually just repair any gaps with Mr Surfacer and move on.

The two defensive guns insisted on breaking off a half dozen times during the building process, so they may be a bit shorter than originally intended. Still, it makes an interesting contrast to the earlier AS-43. I do have an AB-41 in the pipeline, and will likely pick up the rail version of the AB-40 (all by Italeri) sooner or later.

The AS-42, like many Italian combat vehicles, served in the Western Desert in 1940/41. Decals as provided by the kit were minimal and went on simply. I’m still struggling with the addition of dark washes to break up the sameness of these Desert Yellow surfaces. Definitely a work in progress.

This is completed vehicle #25 (7 aircraft, 1 ordnance, 2 vehicles for the year 2019), finished in March of 2019.

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