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Saturday, March 23, 2019

Italeri Eurofighter Typhoon FGR4 (Italian AF special)

Despite my resolve to complete some types I’ve never done before, that doesn’t mean I have abandoned my long-standing series production of Eurofighters, Hurricanes, P-47s, etc. In fact, today’s completion is another Italian AF special markings Eurofighter.

It came from the two-kit Italeri boxing, which means that I was building the Italeri kit. It lacks the finesse of the newest-mold Revell version but ends up looking like what it is supposed to by the end of the build. There were some minor fit issues along the way.

The decals went on well. I think I would have preferred to have color callouts for the Green and Brown in the spine camo, with decals for the individual markings. Instead you get decal bits for the entire spine, including the cockpit surround. That caused some anxious moments after the matte overcoat when the cockpit masking was removed. But my recommendation is to take the decals in stages, soaking them with setting solution overnight between sections. That way you run less of a risk in accidentally moving a decal that you thought was already in place.

The markings are for 12th Fighter Group from Maggio Air Base in 2017. There are still plenty of special markings schemes in the decal stash, including two more contemporary Italian specials, one Italian special from a few years back, a few German specials, and (on the way from Hannants) a Spanish Tiger Meet version. Along with the 3 Tornado retirement schemes, modern RAF fighters seem to be doing well if you like gaudy markings (which I do). Time to get some F-35 specials in gear!

This is completed aircraft #512 (10 aircraft, 1 ordnance, 2 vehicles for the year 2019), finished in March of 2019.

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