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Saturday, March 9, 2019

Paint session (Mc-200, Tilly truck)

Yesterday saw a short paint session amidst the snow flurries that are pestering Western Washington state at present. It really is getting rather late for such events. I’m no big fan of High Summer, since I don’t much care for extreme heat, but I think I’m done with snow drama for this winter.

Mostly smaller items, such as Alclad coats of White Aluminum on landing gear and Stainless Steel on the exhaust surround for the latest Eurofighter. I also did the exterior X147 Grey on the exterior of the Eurofighter’s landing gear doors, which I had forgotten to do last time. It’s getting close for the complex decal job required on another Italian AF special scheme.

Next came an upper surface coat of X110 Forest Green on the HobbyBoss Mc-200. It all looked pretty smooth after curing, so I will be moving on to the two-color mottling shortly.

Finally, the Tilly truck from the Airfix RAF refueling set got a coat of X816 Khaki Drab. I forgot to do the wheel hubs for this one, so it will require a second loading of this color (not one that I use very often). As it happens, the coat on the vehicle itself didn’t cover extremely well, so I will take the opportunity to strengthen up the coverage on that too while painting the hubs.

Nothing dramatic – always an advantage for a paint session – but a number of projects were advanced.

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