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Sunday, March 10, 2019

Paint session (cockpits, Tilly truck, Mc-200)

Another short painting session today, but this time in glorious sunshine (still chilly, though). Such is Spring in the Great Northwest.

The main event was painting cockpits Grey-green. This included both the Italeri MC-205 and the Arma Hurricane. That Hurricane was a trick to put together. I have heard of lots of issues in getting the fuselage to close around the assembled cockpit. I didn’t have problems with that, but the wheel wells caused some issues in getting the wing together. There will likely be some putty on the leading edge. Next comes detail painting and then major assembly.

The Tilly truck got another coat of Khaki Drab to strengthen the color saturation on the main truck and to get the wheel hubs that I forget to take care of the first time.

Final action was to crank down the air pressure and get some X102 Tan mottling onto the upper surfaces of the Mc-200. Still haven’t gotten the line as tight as I’m looking for. Perhaps I need a new nose cap and needle? Still to come is the X101 Light Earth mottling.

I do have some repair to do on the upper surfaces of the Tiger Force Lanc, but I decided to put that off until I had enough spare time to do all the masking required. No point in being slipshod and then have to repair the White overspray!

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