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Thursday, March 21, 2019

Construction (Arma Hurricane, Tilly, A-4, X-3, Mc-205)

So, with all the painting going on, how is the production end of the 72 Land operation fairing?

As you have gleaned from this blog, I tend to have a lot of models in process at any one time. This makes it easy to do something while glue or paint dries, or when decals are in setting solution. And the current state is no exception. At least 11 are in motion, with another set awaiting cockpit assembly, and a stout number of examples on the Shelf of Shame. A couple of larger items on that Shelf will be coming off now that I have a bit more flexibility as far as storage space goes.

But on to work on ongoing projects. I had to assemble the Fiat CR-25 engine nacelles and clean them up in preparation for their Dark Green paint. Another plane requiring a Dark Green will be the top sides of the Polikarpov I-16 Rata.

General construction on the Arma Hurricane and the Italeri Mc-205 are mostly complete. The Tilly truck from the Airfix RAF Refuelling Set really just needs the tires masked and painted before moving to decals.

The Fujimi Blue Angels A-4 is together and needs to have the seams buffed up a bit. I don’t remember the air intakes being such a challenge on earlier Fujimi iterations of the A-4, but I’m not sure what is responsible for that. Probably me.

The AZ Models X-3 Stiletto continues to crawl along. I’ve now gotten the fuselage together and the wings/tail attached, and will next be working on the intakes and exhaust surfaces. I have also received the Peewit masking set and have masked and installed the canopy as well. It fit about as well as everything else has, so it will require so puttying and buffing around the edges.

The Azur Latecoere 298 continues to glare at me balefully since I haven’t attached its float surfaces yet. And the N1M and B-45 are still waiting for cockpit work.

I also received from Hannants a couple of masking sets for the MS-406 that I received partially built from a friend in the hobby. I’ll probably move the second one into active work once the first one – which is partially painted at present – gets further along.

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