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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A bit more building

Some construction and painting on the menu today. I’ve gotten started on the cockpit of the new Airfix Fairey Swordfish, which is an excellent kit which thoroughly puts the older Airfix and Matchbox examples well into the shade. I’ve gotten all the pre-painting bits together on the other P-47 (this a bubbletop). And I have made a start on cockpit construction for the venerable old Matchbox Vickers Wellesley. I should really get going on the Revell Halifax as well, so as to be able to shoot three cockpits with one paint load.

But as to today’s painting, the main event is getting a matte topcoat on two finished models, the Scottish Aviation Bulldog and the P-47 razorback. I’m going to reshoot the black on the two Airfix BAe Hawks. I think I thinned the Xtracolour a bit too much when I put the first coat on, since there are some bare patches. I was able to find a bottle of Model Master gloss Black as well, and that has worked well on previous occasions. So this will serve as a surface coat for those two aircraft. While the P-47 bubbletop has already gotten its yellow cowl and red tail tip, it still needs the anti-glare panel (in this case Olive Drab) before I can move on to the Alclad.

If all goes well, I’ll be presenting the two finished models in the next few days.

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