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Monday, March 26, 2012

Paint shop prep

Much of the previous weekend was devoted to decaling two elaborate BAe Hawk display schemes, which will be making their blog debut shortly. One of the things that, while helping to get over the mojo hump and increasing production, has been degrading the quality of the finished models is my native impatience. I’ve been trying to slow down with these Hawks. Apply some decals, give them a little setting solution, let them thoroughly dry without grabbing them and destroying the soft decals. So far so good.

When not decaling, I’ve been doing some cockpit construction for the next round of kits. As it happens, I have a number of kits in queue that require Grey-green cockpit paint, so I’m trying to get them all built up at once. That way I only have to load and clean the airbrush once to shoot the lot. The kits include the new Airfix Swordfish, the new Revell Halifax, the certifiably old Matchbox Wellesley, and the Meng Kayaba Katusodori (from what I’ve seen, the Japanese cockpit color is very close to the Brits’).

I also got the vac canopy for the old Special Hobby Me-262 3-seater masked up and attached to the model. Justifying why I cheerfully hate using superglue on vac canopies, it managed to shift position while I was holding it down long enough for the glue to set. So it is somewhat tilted to starboard. I just didn’t have the sand to rep it all off and reposition it. This is why I’m so glad that MPM’s standard procedure is plastic injected canopies these days.

Time for some paint.

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