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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Academy USGov Little Boy atomic bomb

This will be the fourth item of the ongoing Ordnance Project, created to display missiles, bombs, pods, and other such weapons of mass (or even limited) destruction that are not actually aircraft. Sort of a dumber second cousin to the group of UAVs I have been doing.

I knew that the Academy B-29 Enola Gay boxing came with examples of the two atomic bombs used at the end of WW2. I do have other copies of that kit (with plans for a KB-29 and a Boeing Washington) but none of that particular boxing. So I posted a note on the 72nd Scale Aircraft forum hoping that someone might be planning to just put theirs in the spares box and would take kindly to a modeller of limited means.

Ray Seppala, a longstanding member of the board, offered them up, and we exchanged the plastic bits for an old Repliscale decal sheet I had but wasn't going to use. After shipment from Australia - my models are better travelled than I am - and about 10 minutes of construction time, I had the two bombs completed. Add one color of paint for each and a couple of quick stands to display them on, and that was that.

First up is the Little Boy atomic bomb, which was used on Nagasaki in August of 1945.

This is completed ordnance #4 (#15 for the year), completed in March of 2016.

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