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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Airbrushing amid the downpour

After being released from my straitjacket after the construction disasters mentioned previously, I headed off to the garage later for an airbrushing session.

The main thing to do was get some detail Alclad work done in order to facilitate a couple of stalled projects. This was made up of some exhausts bits that needed Burnt Metal paint (Hurricane, Spitfire, Tucano).

Then I got a top Semi-matte sealer coat on a couple of items about to cross the finish line (a helicopter and a Bomber Command giant, details coming soon).

I also needed to finish up a surface coat of Dark Green on the Battle of Britain anniversary Eurofighter , the Little Boy atomic bomb, and the Airfix ragwing Hurricane. Finally, a camo of Dark Earth on the two Tamiya Spitfires that have been slowing working their way through the production queue.

While all this was going on, I heard something that sounded like a train was pulling up to my driveway. When I looked out the garage door, I could barely see across the street. Sheets of rain, some hail, and strong winds were blasting down our street. Now, we rarely see this sort of storm power here in the Great Northwest. We're more set up for 100 straight days of grey skies and annoying drizzle. But this was a full blown thunderstorm, with the kind of rain I remember from my June days in Southern California. I haven't seen what the precipitation total was for today, yet, but it is probably more than we got during most of February. And what better way to cap off one of my tempestuous airbrushing sessions. 

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