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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Italeri Agusta A129 Mongoose

Ever build a model of a type you don't really know very much about just for the heck of it? Now given how slowly most people build, it probably is not common. But the advantage of having a high production rate is that you can occasionally indulge in such things. Today's completion falls well into that category.

It is the Agusta A129 Mangusta (Mongoose), an attack helicopter roughly in the class of the AH-64 Apache, Eurocopter Tiger, and maybe the Mil-28. The Italeri kit is of the earlier type, with four rotors and no gatling gun on the lower nose. It does come covered with tiny rivets, but at least they aren't as prominent as some, and are easy to sand off if you are so inclined. The bits go together without much struggle, and given that the paint scheme is a single color, it makes a fairly good fast project.

There are lots of protuberances on the actual type - antennae and the like - and as usual I managed to break at least one of them off during construction. Italeri decals are a bit cloudy and inflexible at times, but with enough setting solution I was able to get them to lay down. How Italeri has produced this model but still hasn't done a 1:72 AMX I will never understand.

I have a Eurocopter (now Airbus Helicopters, I guess) Tiger in the stash, and may bring it down so that I can eventually display it with this one. One of the advantages of a huge stash (all wives take note, although they may not see it in the same light as we do).

This is completed aircraft #447 (#11 for the year), finished in March  of 2016.

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