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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Hobbyboss Hawker Hurricane 2c

Hawker Hurricanes are another of my ongoing series projects. The next two completions are both from the Hobbyboss kits. My understanding is that the nose is rather thin on their version, and I admit it does look that way if you're specifically looking for it. Still, this was in their easy kit series, so it really didn't take too long to assemble. Most of the work went into masking and painting. Especially with the very thin canopy framing.

As is obvious by the markings, this is a desert aircraft, dressed in Dark Earth and Mid Stone (both Xtracolour) with decals taken from the SkyDecals sheet. I did have to hunt up roundels; I had already used all of the applicable ones that Sky provided. Still, these types are not too hard to find, and I think I raided an old Aeromaster sheet for roundels and fin flash. There is a tiny bit of nose art on both sides. This Hurricane was stationed in the western desert, likely near El Alamein in 1942.

All in all, the Hobbyboss Hurricane 2c is a fairly simple exercise, though the engineers will likely not be comfortable living with the nose shape. The real hope on the horizon is a metal-winged Hurricane (along with revised 2c and 2d variants) from Airfix, based on their ragwing tooling. I have one of those in the queue as well, though it likely won't be emerging until late this month or early next.

This is completed model #448 (#12 for the year), finished in March of 2016.


  1. Kevin,

    Good to see you back posting and building. I do hope that Airfix will grace us with a new metal wing Mk. I and Mk. IIB, but I fear it is unlikely.


  2. You'd think it would be an easy call. But then they've never scaled down the Javelin, which I would also have thought would be a no-brainer. Maybe the Hornby difficulties have restricted their ability to invest in new molds. Hopefully that would be a temporary situation.