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Monday, March 28, 2016

New models in queue (Norseman, Fortress)

Just a bit of construction and painting to note before I return to clearing out the backlog of 2016 completions.

The main thing was putting on a surface coat for the RLM71 on the topside of the Ju-287. This is the one whose paint had given me fits while applying the color coat a couple of weeks back. Prior to the paint session I buffed the upper surfaces down until it was sufficiently smooth and thinned the Xtracolour RLM71 quite drastically. This time there was no issue whatsoever; the paint went on smooth and spatter-free. The only reason I am not unmasking it at this moment is that I discovered the wheel spats were not completely covered, so I'll need to go back one more time to clean those up. Then I'll be reattaching the front wheels (which came off during the masking process) and apply the decals.

The rest of the paint session was mostly small items. A set of props for the Bv-222 in RLM70, which I also used for the wheel hubs on the support/loading trailer for the Tsar Bomb, as well as props and engines for the B-17G.

I also completed major assembly on a couple of new models in the last few days. These are both destined for a group of decals I have on the way from Hannants. I used the Academy B-17G, which will be stuck to an RAF Fortress 3, painted in Dark Earth, Dark Green, and Black. Also an ancient Matchbox Noorduyn Norseman, for which I bought a generic set of white titles to do a Royal Army example. Not yet started are a P-47 bubble which will become the "Eight Nifties" Thunderbolt from a Kit's World set. Finally, I picked up a Syhart sheet for the North Dakota Centennial F-4D, a plane I've wanted to do since I saw a photo of it, but I have run into a problem. Apparently no one makes a current F-4D - rather amazing given the number of F-4s that are circulating. Hasegawa did make one in its series of Phantoms, but it has long disappeared from their catalog. I haven't even spotted one on ebay yet, and I fear that if I do someone will be ambitious enough to ask more than I want to spend.


  1. A Royal Army Norseman? I'm pretty sure the British didn't have any Norsemen.


  2. Jim: Ach, it appears I got GOT on this one. Here is the link to the ARC page where I got the inspiration during a Google search: . What I did not notice at the time was that the disclaimer in small type APRIL FOOLS 2011 under the title. (Sigh). I am a trusting soul, and not generally allowed to operate on my own, and that's why... Well, what the hell, I've done whif P-51s, Corsairs, Go-229s, and a B-36 for heavens sake. A whif Norseman won't stop me. My second one will be real world (Ear Falls Airways).