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Monday, March 14, 2016

Painting a Tornado and a Hawk

This is about the fifth day in a row I've been out to the garage to do some additional airbrushing. A new tool will do that for you. In fact, I've sort of outdistanced the production queue and will need to get some things stuck together before the next paint session, mostly masking with a bit of construction.

The main job was to get the final coat of Dark Green on the Tornado GR1. I ran out of paint the last time and decided to wait to finish this one up. Howeber, when I opened a new tin of Xtracolour (one of the last I was able to get before the iron curtain of postal restrictions clamped down on enamels) I was surprised to find that the consistency of the paint in the container was not just thick - it was virtually gel. So I opened up another one; same problem. The third was actually of paint-like consistency, so off I went. I don't know yet if the two tins are salvageable. Maybe they just need some lacquer thinner to get them back to a more liquid consistency. But that is an experiment for later. I wonder if others have had this problem.

I also was able to get a first coat of Red Arrows Red on the BAe Hawk that I am doing in 50th anniversary season markings. Might need to buff it down and do a surface coat on this one, since it seemed a little rough. Perhaps I just didn't hit the sweet spot of thinning the paint.

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