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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Catching up on construction (Spits, Hurricanes, XP-56, Tucano)

Just a few quick notes to catch up on recent construction and paintwork.

I did finally finish the Remembrance Day Tucano, though the prop is still a mess. But I have reached the point of diminishing returns on it, so next model up please.

Work proceeds on two Battle of Britain Spitfires and two Hobbyboss Hurricane 2c. I'm just going through the slow work of painting, masking, painting, screaming, etc. The Hurricanes will be another desert scheme and an Operation Torch aircraft.

I was able to airbrush the rest of one Eurofighter's exhaust cones, though the airbrush was starting to give me fits again. I took it upstairs, disassembled it, and used a set of wire brushes to try and clean out the insides. We'll see how that worked next time.

I'm still considering more work on the Airfix Blenheim, though I may just decide to mask up the canopies and go with what I've got, however crappy it may be. Again, learnings being filed for the eventual Mk 4.

I also see some landing gear assembly in my future, with the Spitfires, Eurofighters, Hurricanes, and Blenheim all being in roughly that part of the process. The Eurofighters are especially fiddly, but I don't lack experience in the Revell kits.

I got a coat of primer on the XP-56 and am happy enough with the seams to get on with the lower surfaces and wheel well painting. It's an interesting plane, and larger than you might have thought. It's no XF-85 Goblin, that's for sure.

With this much activity going on, and a lot of models approaching the finish line, I am going to have to consider what should be entering the front of the construction process. I think it's likely the Ju-287, more BAe Hawks, and a couple of leftover two-seat Eurofighters will be in there, but that can change on a whim. I am, after all, the undisputed dictator of this production line.

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  1. To paraphrase: ...Model on McDuff, And damn'd be him that first cries, 'Hold, enough! 'of the glue or paint...

    Like the looks of the cast of characters in the picture.

    So when and how did this misquotation come about?