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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Masking and construction (Ragwing Hurricane, AH-64, Tornado)

I find myself in an unusual situation: my paint queue is empty. Well, there is the XP-56 that needs a matte coat, but I won't be doing that until I have some other items that need paint as well. So, I am stuck with lots of tasks that involve one of my least favorite aspects, masking.

There is a camo coat of Dark Earth that is needed for the ragwing Hurricane. The nose of the Tornado GR1 needs some Black, as does the underside of the Blenheim (and possibly the Lanc, but it depends on how ambitious I get). Black as well for the Tsar Bomba nose and tail. All of those need masking.

As far as construction goes, I got the majority of parts together for the Hasegawa AH-64. The last session was devoted to getting the engines and wing stubs attached. Next come all the little detail bits that need to be on before the Olive Drab paint comes calling. The canopy is masked and attached.

I had to do a small repair job to a couple of Hawks, both landing gear related. One came as a result of moving a T1 in the display case, and one was just a bump that the 50th anniversary Red Arrows Hawk sustained in the course of doing a little detail painting, in this case the exhaust. That one is ready for decals, a combination of what came with the kit and an Xtradecal sheet. 

This is a view of my rather crowded construction space on the workbench. Multi-tasking is my thing (a leftover from my project manager days). 

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