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Sunday, April 24, 2016

2016 IPMS-Seattle Spring Show (1 of 5)

Back to a more positive topic after last time's rants. April 23 was the date of the 2016 IPMS-Seattle Spring Show, the largest show in the Great Northwest. I don't have numbers yet, but there were definitely large numbers of people and models, and the quality was very high. The 1:72 tables were especially full, so my camera was working overtime. 

There seemed to be an especially strong turnout of the usual suspects (Spitfires, 109s, F-16s) but I will be concentrating more on the oddball types that I like to see. For those of you that want to access my full set of images (including some 1:72 armor), here is a link to the Photobucket album: Link

F-16 (well, at least it had an attractive paint scheme)

An very nicely done Voisin 3

An A Model Tu-128 Fiddler

BAe Lightning

Tomahawk cruise missile

More tomorrow!

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