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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Catching up (Bv-222, B-17, Hawk)

I would like to catch up on the painting and construction sessions from the last couple of days.

It was another uneventful painting process. I had to put surface coats on the uppers of the Bv-222 and the lowers of the RAF B-17. Both seem to have gone on well enough, and I'll be able to mask both of them for their next paints as soon as everything dries and cures. I also sprayed aluminum (Alclad) on the same B-17s wheels, quick process. Finally, the overall RA Red layer went on to the Revell Hawk (this is the one that will get the most recent RA markings, with the Union Jack on the rudder).

For decalling, there is really one one model at that point in the process, the British Army whif of the Norseman AL-1. I just have to get a few more items applied (mostly the "ARMY" script and the plane's serials).

Three new models entered the front end of the construction line. Two of them, the Hasegawa Eurofighter and the Revell Gripen, are part of my recent Sprue Bros purchase, and are having their cockpits built and painted. The Eurofighter Red Arrows whif is also in the cockpit stage.

We're getting a string of decently dry days and moderate temps here in the Great Northwest, so I may be distracted by other domestic requirements. The doctors have ruled me out from mowing, but I can still spray weedkiller and use a hedge trimmer to fight the wild raspberry vines back from the edges of our property. So I might have to delay reporting the latest completions for a day or two. 

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