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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Hot paint session (Bv-222, Blenheim, Tornado GR1)

The weekend painting session was done on what is always something of a surprise here in the Great Northwest - a rather warm April day. Again, I'm ignoring you Texas or Tunisia folks who will burst into laughter when you hear this, but we've got three days in the upper 80s this week. For Washington in April, that is downright hot. So I, being the heat wimp that I am, was pretty much sweated out when I finished painting.

The main thing I wanted to accomplish was getting the camo coat of RLM73 on the Bv-222. This is a survivor of my Shelf of Shame, and one of the reasons I delayed it so log was the extensive masking that was necessary on what is a large airframe. The entire lower surfaces were masked off after painting RLM65, then I put on a coat of RLM72, and then I had to mask large patches for the camo. I think I ended up using over 50% of a container of Tamiya 10mm yellow tape by the time I was done, and a good long strip of paper towels. Somehow in the process I managed to forget the lower wingtips should be in White (though I did get the fuselage stripe painted earlier), so there is still one more trip to the paint garage before I can do the decalling.

I also shot the Dark Earth camo on the troublesome Airfix Blenheim. At this point, with my bumbling of the canopy bits, it's just a race to the finish line, but I do want to get it completed and in the display case.

Then there was the Dark Sea Grey camo on a Tornado GR1. I have loads of anniversary decals for GR4s, but decided to use an old Almark set (AKS11) instead. I do have a couple of GR4 conversions coming from Freightdog, so will likely make any future mudmover Tornados with those glitzier markings.

Finally, there were some miscellaneous interiors that needed painting, like the Space Shuttle, another Norseman (a real one this time), and a primer coat on the A Model Starship. Pretty happy with the results so far, even if it did practically melt me. What is July/August going to be like if we are flirting with 90 in April? 

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