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Monday, December 17, 2012

My ideal display room

I stumbled across something on the net the other day that absolutely represents my ideal model display area. I’ve seen some nice local ones (the room owned by the late Brian Mulron, a personal 1:72 idol in IPMS-Seattle, was my previous temple of plastic), but this one is almost literally exactly what I have brewing in the back of my mind. It likely won’t happen in this house – the tentative plan is to sell it before I turn 65 in 2021 – but should be a prerequisite for the early work on the retirement castle.

Here is the link: Nei Biazetto's model room It comes from Rogerio Marczak’s modelling site. It is basically a quick profile of Nei Biazetto, a Brasilian modeller. He is obviously a good one, but the real gold is in the photos of his modelling display room.

It is like it was transported out of my brain and into his house! Lots of built in display with minimal blocking structures, nice wood accents everywhere; general storage above the models; book storage below the models; a lovely parquet floor; track lighting that produces a bright look with minimal shadows. That it is filled with admirable 1:72 models (most of which I have built myself, coincidentally) is just icing on the cake.

It certainly beats the home-made display boxes out in the garage!


  1. Thanks for that - amazing work and display!

  2. My wife definitely gave me the "dream on" look when I showed them to her! But dreaming is what we modellers do best....