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Friday, December 21, 2012

Painting the apocalypse away

Quite a bit of work languishing in the paint queue this week, so I set aside some time to get a few colors sprayed before the Mayan apocalypse.

After getting the Ar-234 masked up earlier this week, I was able to get the color coat of RLM81 on. It looked a little rough, so will probably require some gentle buffing and a surface coat later this weekend.

The White portions of the RAF Phantom GR1 were also masked, so the PO Red areas of the tail, outer wings, and the stripe on the fuselage were painted. Next comes another masking job to prepare for the Oxford Blue portions, primarily lower fuselage and all lower surfaces. Finally, the nosecone gets a coat of Black. Not sure if this one will get finished in December or if it will be one of the first completions in 2013.

The Tornado GR4, destined for Shiny Two anniversary markings, got a color coat of Dark Sea Grey on its upper surfaces. It will definitely require some buffing and a surface coat.

Then there were some miscellaneous bits of the Halifax that needed Black paint. Landing gear, prop spinners, wheel hubs, gear doors. Once all that dries I can install the gear and get the Yellow tips on the props. The Halifax will be getting close to the decal stage at that point.

The final color was for the aft Insignia Blue portion of one of the P-47 razors that will eventually have a red/white/blue cowling.

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