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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Some group photos (P-47N, He-162/Hs-132)

As I was correcting the mortifying landing gear error on the P-47N (and simultaneously causing great shame to myself and my ancestors etc etc) I decided to take a couple of group shots of recently finished models.

First is the Sword P-47N, along with its Italeri equivalent. Certainly some visual differences, esp in the wing and possibly in the stoutness of the fuselage, but not as much as I would have expected given the rough reception it got at time of release.

Then comes the He-162 with its Huma Luft46 compadre the Henschel Hs-132. Always interesting to see the same basic configuration as interpreted by two separate design teams.


  1. personally I'm not a fan of Luft 46 - the Hs 132 was actually built though wasn't it ?

  2. I think they had a plywood mockup in a warehouse somewhere when the war ended. Nothing of the type ever flew though. I do have a weakness for Luft46, but then I like a lot of weird types...