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Friday, December 7, 2012

Unending prep

Still more preparation steps going on in the 72 Land small aircraft production facility. The Phantom FG1 will get some more gloss White, primarily the fuselage and inner upper wing (the beginnings of a raspberry ripple paint job). And P-47 props are getting a spray job of Panzer Grey.

I had a lot of small parts which need a coat of metallic paint: wheels, landing gear, and underslung fuel tanks for each of the P-47s. I’ve got some Dark Aluminum Alclad that I’ve tried to reduce the medium-to-pigment ratio on, so I was curious to see if that had any effect on the ongoing trials I’ve had with recent batches of that brand. And in fact it does seem to have helped coverage. If I held the airbrush on too long it immediately began to flood, so it was a tenuous balance to maintain. Looks like anything that needs a NMF is going to be Dark Aluminum for the near future.

And I buffed up the upper surfaces of the Halifax so I can decide how to handle those weird white spots on the surface. The solution is probably just re-prep the surface and shoot on a new coat of Dark Earth.

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