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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Red and green in the paint shed

With Christmas on the horizon, it might be an appropriate omen that my painting session today consisted mostly of reds and greens. Better, I guess, than foreshadowing the Mayan cycle end.

All three of the Academy P-47s that are moving through the production line required at least patches of Insignia Red paint. One had a completely red cowling, one a partial cowling (which in the end will be red/white/blue striped), and one red stripes on the tail. Two had red canopy surrounds. As an aside, I did notice I botched something unusual about one of the razorbacks – it is supposed to have a blown Malcolm Hood cowling instead of the standard razor version. What’s worse, I think I have a Pavla vac canopy of that odd configuration somewhere in the dark recesses of the stash. Another rap on the knuckles for me, though I’m not about to tear off a perfectly good canopy at this stage of the game.

The green was represented by RAF Dark Green, and was airbrushed on to the Revell Halifax and my whif Bomber Command Peacemaker B1 (ie, B-36). I think it went on satisfactorily, so I probably won’t have to buff and respray a surface coat. An update: I was happy with the camo, so off came the masking tape, as evidenced below.

I also had a chance to do some additional masking, and got the Tornado GR4 (which, after much vacillation, I decided will be in Shiny Two anniversary markings) black spine masked. Next come upper surfaces of Dark Grey. Last, I did the camo maskings for the Ar-234 so it will be ready for the next paint session as well.

And here is a quick preview of two models that are just about to enter the decaling stage.

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