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Saturday, January 9, 2016

British cockpits and Russian missiles

The answer to the impromptu ordnance quiz is: the Raduga AS-6 Kingfish missile, the CHETA C-601 Kraken missile, and the Lockheed D-21 drone as attached to the SR-71.

When I first started looking for ordnance to tackle, I happened to be going through the box of a plane that is stranded on the Shelf of Shame, the Trumpeter Tu-16 Badger. I found a couple of sprues of large wing-mounted missiles. The kit identified the Chinese C-601 missile by name, but the larger one was only described as "only used by Tu-16". So off I went on the customary Google search to see what I could find. One of the links I found actually identified the usual wing-mounted missile as an AS-6. Further research showed that A Model did a kit of the type, and I could visually confirm that it was the same one. Now the quandary. I wouldn't have minded building the A Model kit, since it comes with a nice little bomb trolley to display the missile on, but cost and time - plus the fact that the Trumpeter bits were already to hand - made me decide to press on with the kit plastic.

More discussion later about the colour schemes I decided on. Other work that was done was mostly drudgery: puttying seams, sanding them when dry, shooting a coat of spray can primer on to spotlight areas that needed work. Plus I did get the two Eurofighter cockpits assembled and painted. I'll be proceeding on with general assembly of the airframe over the next few days.

Also included in the group of models are those waiting for my future combat with the airbrush. 

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