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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Missile search

Once I knew the missiles I had, I was able to look up the AS-6 and C-601, once again on Google, and get some decent photos. That gave me at least a potential colour scheme for both. The AS-6 kit from A Model comes with full decals, but I could at least cobble together the color stripes from the spare decal box for my Trumpeter version. Color scheme appears to be a medium green with a dark grey nosecone. I'm out of luck with all the Cyrillic stencils, however.

For the Chinese one, I found a picture of a white missile with red pinstripes of all things, a medium grey nosecone, and a C-601 designation on the side in red.

As I am painting the two, I will be working on constructing a little informal stand for them. It is sort of like the displays I've seen in many museums, with related ordnance being shown next to a relevant aircraft. One of these days, I'll spring for that Tsar Bomba monster from A Model.

Not much to show on the missiles, and I don't want to get into copyright issues by displaying the photos I copied for personal use off of my Google search, so here is a shot of the (minor but unexpected) snow we received here in Western Washington a week or two back. 

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