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Monday, June 13, 2016

A modelling ordergasm

What is there to do when you've hit a temporary lull in construction and painting due to other distractions and weather issues? Why, buy more kits of course.

I seem to have created a splurge in modelling purchases over the last week. Four orders: Ebay, Hannants, Sprue Bros, West Coast Hobbies. The Ebay purchase came about because I found a kit I'd been looking for at a reasonable price. Hannants was due to the arrival of a decal sheet I've been waiting for since it was announced. Sprue Bros for non-kit supplies, including masks to support other kits I have both here and on the way. And West Coast Hobbies due to a nice little sale Rob was having.

First in is an order from West Coast Hobbies. This is my first time ordering from them, though they do have a good rep on the boards that I visit. Rob was having a clearance sale, and I decided to pick up a Special Hobby B-18 and two of the Sword Lightnings (a T4 and an F3).

I remember when I first bought a Special Hobby DC-2 back in the day, I assumed that a B-18 was a given and would be out soon. But it took them years to actually produce one, and then my non-working status meant I couldn't shell out for one when they finally appeared. But the WCH sale was a good one, and although this really isn't the boxing I would have preferred, I am still glad to have picked one up.

Being a fan of trainers, I've been on the lookout for one of Sword's two seat Lightnings for a while, but they always seemed to be sold out when I was assembling an order for Hannants. I have had troubles with Sword kits in the past (the P-47N was tough) but for a trainer Lightning I'll take another chance. I have a decal sheet coming from Hannants that has the pink tail with the flamingo zap. But there are a lot of colorful choices for this one.

As to the Lightning F3, I would hope that Airfix would create a new one someday. But in the meantime this is what we've got. I have a lineup of something like 9 completed variants - mostly elderly Airfix with a couple of Trumpeter - and this will fit right in. With a bunch of decal sheets (Xtradecal, Modeldecal, and I think some Cutting Edge ones) I should be spoiled for choice.

I also got an order from Sprue Bros today, but it was just supplies - masking sets, glue, paint, a small brush and some MicroBrush glue applicators. Nothing glitzy. 

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