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Friday, June 10, 2016

Revell BAe Hawk T1 (Red Arrows 2014)

We've just passed through another one of those early summer heatwaves, with temps pushing their way up to 95. On those days, in a house with no a/c (like most in the Northwest) about all you can do is carry your electric fan around and plug it in wherever you plan to be for more than 30 seconds and sweat a lot. So no significant modelling work, certainly no painting, has been completed in the last couple of weeks. Plus I still haven't gotten the workbench straightened out after the work to reconfigure the hobby room so things are pretty inconvenient at present. However, I do still have a couple of completions to report.

First comes another in a long series of BAe Hawks (as well as a short series of Red Arrows variations). The only difference is that this particular model is the new-tool Revell Hawk. Although it is pressed in red plastic - which I hate - the fit was decent. There were some details you don't usually see on Hawks, like the pipes over the exhaust that generate their smoke. Otherwise, the construction is pretty standard. I used the kit decals, which went on fine with a little Super Sol. These are the most current markings, not including the 50th anniversary scheme that was on during that summer. All else being equal, I still prefer the modified Airfix Hawk T1.

Basically an uneventful build, which is nice to have once in a while just to be different.

This is completed aircraft #464 (#31 for the year), finished in May of 2016.

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