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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Masking (Lancaster, B-17)

One thing that seems to take up a large portion of my modelling hours is masking. I don't have a pressure regulator on my current compressor, so overspray is an issue no matter what I'm trying to accomplish. The solution is to mask the heck out of the model.

A good example of that is the RAF B-17 featured below. I have already painted the lower surfaces Black, so it now remains to get the uppers done. Just wrap the thing up in the modelling equivalent of a babushka, and you're ready to go.

More intense detail masking was required to get the Hasegawa Lancaster ready for its first coat of paint. With the canopy and all the turrets with their tiny panes, this actually represents a fair amount of time invested. Thankfully I had an Eduard masking set, because this is one I would hate to have done by trimming individual pieces. 


  1. Nice job of masking and (over) spraying he he he.
    The last pic is classic; the B17 going down in black over spray. While the Lancaster pulls up sharply to get away....

    Seriously : really do like your work

  2. The Lanc is panicking and heading for the hills because it knows that a coat of Black undersides is in its future too!