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Friday, June 17, 2016

Paint session (Eurofighter, Starship, Hurricane)

There are warnings of yet another heat wave on its way to western Washington (currently due to hit around the 20th). So I figured I'd better get a jump on some construction and painting before it gets here.

First, the paint session. I had already finished the necessary masking, so I was able to shoot a coat of overall Barley Grey onto the anniversary Eurofighter. Most went on smoothly, but there are a couple of areas of orange peeling that will need some buffing attention. Plus I neglected to paint the landing gear doors (d'oh!) so that will mean a second session with that color.

The Beech Starship is moving along well too. I got a coat of overall White applied, but (as often happens) the main thing that did was highlight some seams that need additional work. It is a problem I often have with Mr Surfacer - it shrinks when it dries, so what you thought was a filled seam turns out to still have a visible crease in it when you think you're done. I may have to go back to putty for some seam filling.

I also shot an RLM76 coat on to the captured Hurricane. The main coat went on fine, but on this one too I managed to forget the landing gear doors. Obviously some mental damage manifesting itself here.

The final part of this session was spraying the cockpit for the demo Hawk T2. I am hoping to get major assembly of this model done before the heat arrives and I am umbilically attached to my box fan for 3 or 4 days. 

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