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Friday, May 26, 2017

Hobbyboss Hawker Hurricane IIc

Today’s completion is yet another aircraft type that I seem to return to time and again. Yes, it is another Hurricane. I had one more Hobbyboss kit in the stash and thought I might as well finish it off. It is in their easy-kit line, so the number of pieces is minimal. It’s not a favorite of the engineers, as the nose is rather thin and undernourished. With the Revell 2c kit available, I think I will be sticking with that one for future Hurricane needs.

I am gradually working my way through the various foreign users of the type. I’ve done captured versions from Germany and Japan (with an Italian one on the way), civil and racer examples, and a number of other nationalities. This particular one is in Yugoslavian markings – actually 352 Squadron RAF as based in Libya in 1944. The decals are found on a Print Scale sheet, 72-022. More than likely, the Egyptian and Free French markings on this sheet will find a home in the near future.

This is completed aircraft #473 (6 aircraft, 2 ordnance, 4 vehicles for the year 2017), finished in May of 2017.

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