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Friday, May 5, 2017

Painting (P-47s galore)

Lately I seem to have been working my airbrush sessions while hail and downpours were going on beyond the garage door. But this session was actually beautiful, with clear blue skies and a nice 62 degrees going on. Please don’t pass this information on to anyone else; we want the rest of the country to assume that all it does in the Northwest is rain.

This round of airbrushing had something of a green theme. Besides putting a matte sealer coat on three almost-finished models, almost all of the other paints I used were shades of green. First of all, there was Zinc Chromate Green for the interior and gear bays for a couple of P-47 razorbacks. Then there was a repair coat of RAF Dark Green to fix up some sanding work that I did on a 4000 lb bomb from the Airfix RAF Bomber resupply set. Finally, there was Olive Drab for a pair of support vehicles (one Ford tractor, one fuel tank cart) from an old Hasegawa airfield set.

These little airfield vehicle kits are good for the mojo: easy to assemble and quick to finish. Nothing that would draw me away from my primary interest, aircraft, for very long, but fun to make a change of approach.

The one exception to the green theme was that I put some Insignia Yellow on the cowling and wingtips of an upcoming P-47 (whose markings will come from the recently acquired DK decal sheet). 

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